Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Reason to Adopt

In case you missed the memo, I am a strong, strong advocate for adoption. That's probably too mild a term. If I could literally shake the body of Christ into action on behalf of the orphans you can rest assured that I would have my hands around it's neck! However, there are a few caveats I have for adoption. 

Adoption is not a cute, cuddly way to grow a family. As a Christian, adoption should not simply be about adding a chubby bundle of smiles into your family. Nor should it simply be about saving the world. If that is the case then we miss the mark. 

Adoption is brokenness. What should never have been, is. What should never happen, has. A child is left alone in the world. A child is hurt by hands that should have protected. A child is pushed away by arms that should be holding fast. It is muddled and broken. A family is torn apart. 

It could be a teenage mom that has no idea how to parent a baby and has to die to herself to give her baby to a family that will know how to parent. She will be broken in the process. It could be a mother who cannot feed the mouths that she has and she knows that another mouth to feed means someone will not survive the year. Can you put yourself in their shoes? Can you understand their anguish and feel the deepness of their grief? Can you see our Savior's tears as He cries out that this should never happen?

Love will not be enough. Love and warm affection and security are not enough. They could never undo the damage. Love could never cover all the pain. Love alone could never be enough.  

Christ is enough. He has always been more than enough. He is the Healer of our souls and He will heal their souls. Being part of adoption is being a part of the battle for a soul. In all of eternity the greatest of all battles is the battle for a soul. You will enter into a daily spiritual battle.  If you are not ready for a battle then you need to ready yourself. Drink in the words of Scripture, memorize it, study it, and bathe in the adoration of your Savior. Lift your hands, stretch them high and know the greatness of your God.

As followers of Christ our reason for adoption should be because He has called us. He has called us to care for the broken things of this world. He has told us to love the unlovely. He has called us and He will equip us. He will equip us to be a part of His plan of healing. It is often a long journey filled with heartache and restoration and grace.

Can you see it? Can you imagine being a part of God's restoration? Can you see into eternity and picture the children and families restored? Can you feel His passion for these fatherless children? Can you understand His joy when we bring them home?

Oh, my friends, we have been given a deep responsibility. He is calling us to bring them home. Together we can find a way to be a part of His redeeming love. We must find a way. It cannot be for them. It must be done for Him and through Him.

Bring them home. He will equip. He will restore. His love will be enough. Reclaim them in the name of Christ.

~ Katie

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