Thursday, April 5, 2012


"Forgive them. They know not what they do." I was spending time with my Father this morning when those words struck me. "Forgive them." 

How is it possible to forgive so much betrayal? I can almost understand how Jesus as God can look down from heaven and forgive but there is a realness that the humanity of Jesus hanging on the cross brings to these words. He felt pain. He knew the anguish of deep betrayal. He knew the exhaustion of loving the unlovely. His whole life was spent loving those that deserved nothing but his wrath. He poured Himself into even Judas. Judas, the man that would turn his back on Jesus. How did he spend those years loving Judas knowing what was to come? How did he eat meals and call a man His friend when He knew what this man was going to do? How did he laugh and cry with this man who would sell him off like a common slave?

What struck me this morning was how forgiveness is such a large part of adoption. Forgiveness of past wrongs being done to a child we will call our own. Forgiveness of future wrongs that this child will commit, of betrayal that is surely to come at some point. How will I  forgive someone who has harmed my child? How will I  forgive betrayal at the hand of one I will pour my life into and love so deeply? 

How I ask? The answer is there at the cross. God speaks His words into my heart. He breathes into me His own forgiveness. He exists within me and because of that His forgiveness exists within me.

My mind can't comprehend it all. Psalm 139:6 "Such knowledge is too wonderful to me; I cannot attain to it." Yet, in my heart I hear the echoes of my Savior speaking that such a love is possible, forgiveness can be found even in my own heart. I hear His voice telling me it is possible because when He said those ancient words so long ago my name, my face was on His mind. 

I am forgiven. I stand in awe at the wonder of the cross. I am forgiven.


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