Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How the Body of Christ works together in adoption

I could quote you verse after verse on how God calls us as Christians to care for the fatherless but more than likely you're a little tired of hearing of how pure and undefiled religion requires the care of widows and orphans, maybe even a little overwhelmed by the thought. What happens if you are beyond the parenting years or a single person uncomfortable with the thought of parenting alone or just not at a place in your life where it seems to fit? What then? Are you left out of being a part of "true religion?"

I hope that if you are a Christian that you have been able to see how God created the Body of Christ to work together towards a common goal. The goal being the living, breathing Gospel of Jesus. Every person has unique talents specifically given to him for a purpose in fulfilling that goal. God uses the Body of Christ in the same way for adoption. Adoption is one of the most perfect examples on earth of God's salvation to us as He adopts us into His family. Sometimes He will ask you to sacrifice the life you have now and bring one of His hurting ones into your family. Sometimes He won't. But He will ask you to do something. 

A large purpose in our organization is to bridge that gap, to allow those that are unable to adopt to still be a part of the process. Maybe you can bring a meal to a family or babysit so the parents can have a night away. Maybe you can give to help them finance their adoption. Many adoptions are extremely costly, upwards of $20,000 and that's a conservative estimate. We can't all adopt, but we can all do something. Most of us can skip eating out this week, skip our mochas, we could lower our cell phone plans for a month, or simply make a double meal and bring it to our friends. Give your friend that just adopted a call and just be there to listen to their fears and frustrations. The road they are walking is so much more difficult that you can imagine. Take them out for coffee and just let them be honest in their frailty, just let them be human for a moment. 

Be a part of God's calling to adopt. Be a working part of the Body of Christ. Adoption is born of brokenness but God is the Great Healer. He brings us together and He alone can bind the broken places. Let's work together towards that pure and undefiled religion of which James 1:27 speaks!

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