Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kruse Family Bio

Lake Ann Camp holds a special place in many of our Michigander hearts, but for Todd and Kristi it holds an extra special place as it is where they would each meet their future spouse. Todd was a counselor and Kristi was on the high school know, the ones dumping that delicious oatmeal in your bowl each morning. Who wouldn't fall in love over that oatmeal?  

However, it would take Todd and Kristi a little longer to find the path to each other. They remained family friends for a few years until in 2006 Kristi passed a place called Kruse Auction Park and decided to give her old friend Todd a call.  They married one year later in 2007.  Way to go Kristi! Todd, you're a smart man. 

Kristi's mother was adopted and so adoption has always been on Kristi's heart. God began tugging on her heart after seeing a kiosk for adoption. Todd and Kristi talked and prayed about adoption and came to the conclusion that this was the path God was asking them to follow. Their daughter Stella, who is six, has also been praying for God to help them adopt a baby. 

They are currently living in South Dakota and are pursuing a domestic infant adoption. It's a long journey but I am more than confident that if we come together as God's people and pray that He will do far more than we can ever imagine.

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