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Get to Know Our Directors | Katie Hurst

You may know all of us, one or some of us, or not at all!  This journey has connected us with a lot of new friends along the way.  So, for those of you getting to know Re{claimed, we thought we'd take a moment to introduce our directors.  Hopefully you'll see that we are not only passionate about adoption, but we are everyday mommies, that love to have fun and embrace our little quirks.   As you read this, maybe you'll see, too, that Re{claimed Adoption Fundraisers is something you would enjoy being involved in, sometime in the future!

We call Katie Hurst our resident adoption expert.  She has not taken the road to adoption lightly!  She and her husband have read books upon books, as well as the researched the scriptures, in their journey.  Katie keeps us ON FIRE & passionate about what we're doing!  You will see weekly posts on our blog from her, regarding things you need to know on adoption, as well as Biblical notes and spiritual reflections. 

Katie -  
 Favorite Verse:  John 3:30 He must become greater; I must become less. 
Simple and to the point. I must become less, think of myself less, serve myself less. I must think of Christ more, serve Him more. Everyday the verse is the same and hold the same challenge: become less.
Home Church:  Grace Community Church
What is your favorite way to be creative?  In the most unorganized fashion possible! I love thrift stores. I could spend hours in them looking at old castaways and creating new uses for them. I see potential in the most random of things, an old suitcase, a hideous dress, a broken necklace. 

I met my husband when we were a young 19 years old. I saw something in him that I longed for in my future husband, a heart that was completely surrendered to Christ. He fueled my own fire to know God more deeply. He was kind and gentle and funny. So what could be more reasonable than to say yes when he asked me to marry him ten months later? It was a blessed choice and I consider it God's second most gracious gift to me to have given me such a precious, sincere husband. That man has loved me at my worst and hidden my weaknesses beneath his love. He is a living example to me of the love of Christ. [Visit her hubby's Theology book review blog here]
   We quickly married and quickly were blessed with children. I would say we have been blessed with difficult pregnancies. [Don't ask her for her birthing war stories if you are pregnant! lol]  Blessed because those trials brought us to the feet of Jesus and there is no greater place to be. We have been blessed to have three children with special needs. Blessed because we take nothing for granted. Blessed because God is near to the brokenhearted. Blessed beyond reason.  [Visit her personal blog here]
What inspires you to help adoptive families and waiting children?
 I cannot look into scripture and not see God's hand reaching into every story, every act of history and breathing His salvation into every step of the journey. I have nothing good within me except that I have been marked with the salvation of Jesus Christ and that is everything. So, I am inspired by my Savior to go to the lost and find them a home. I am inspired by my Healer to sit with the hurting and ache with them. I am inspired by the Lover of my soul to love the ones the world has abandoned and to love them unreasonably. I am inspired by my Father to help the orphans know the security of a father. He is my inspiration.

Reality Check!  
 I love, love, love the color purple. I even try to eat eggplant just because it's purple. But I hate it every time!  LOL

Thank you to Katie for letting us step into her shoes a little bit to let you get to know her.  I am currently bugging her to add a list of Must-Reads on adoption... So look forward to seeing that soon.
**Next Week** We'll hear from our newest director, Jenny.  She's our more left-brained, grounded, math-abled, and, God bless her, organized member of the group.  Yes, we love her.

~ Kelly

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