Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oceans Apart

There is a little boy across the world. He lives oceans apart in a world I’ve never seen. His mother left him alone in the hospital. She was scared and she was all by herself. By God’s grace this little boy was taken to a wonderful orphanage where he has been loved and cared for and had many needs met. But the one thing he has never had in his whole little life is a family. A real family with a mom and a dad tucking him in and whispering love’s sweet song before he drifts off to sleep.

There is a little boy that God has had His hand on since the moment his life was formed. The little boy was born into a world of harsh realities, but He was loved and cared for by a Father who had a plan. He had a plan that included a mom and a dad. The little boy has been waiting and waiting. He has waited his whole life for someone to come and claim him.

There is a lady who has listened to her sister go on and on about adoption, God’s true plan, and all the inhumanities in the world. She patiently listened for years. One day God began stirring a longing in her own heart. She began to talk about adoption, just talk. She began reading about adoption, just reading. She began praying for a little boy to find a home, just praying. And her sister knew, just knew, that this little boy had just found a home. God’s hand had just moved. He was bringing paths together. One path was in Pennsylvania, one path was in the Philippines, and He would do the impossible and give a son a mom and a dad, and three brothers, and one sister.

This little boy is my nephew.
My sister is his mother.
His last name will be Russell.
God has answered his prayers.
He needs to know he is being claimed.
He needs to come home.

We know that adoption is costly in so many ways. The financial burden of adoption is unbearable alone, but together we can make it happen. We have nearly 100 people following us, and many of you have asked how you can help. This is how. If every follower gave just  $10 or $20 they could get started on bringing him home!  I am asking all of you to help bring my nephew home. You can donate through our site and label it for the Russell family. You can also visit my sister’s blog: It is phenomenal. She has a gift with words that leaves the rest of us wishing for an ounce of that talent! 

God’s hand is moving and He is granting us the possibility to be a part of this restoration. He is allowing us to be a part of allowing a little boy to grow up surrounded by love and taught of His love. What grace, what amazing grace.


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